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Some new articles ;)

Koch, T., Kelava, A., & Eid, M. (in press). Analyzing Different Types of Moderated Method Effects in Confirmatory Factor Models for Structurally Different Methods. Structural Equation Modeling.

Graser, J., Heimlich, C., Kelava, A., Hofmann, S.G., Stangier, U., & Schreiber, F. (accepted). Erfassung der Emotionsregulation bei Jugendlichen anhand des „Affective Style Questionnaire (ASQ-Y)“. Diagnostica.

Lösch, T., Lüdtke, O., Robitzsch, A., Kelava, A., Nagengast, B., & Trautwein, U. (in press). A well-rounded view: Using an interpersonal approach to predict achievement by academic self-concept and peer ratings of competence. Contemporary Educational Psychology. Link

Lösch, T., Kelava, A., Nagengast, B., Trautwein, U., & Lüdtke, O. (in press). Perspective matters: The internal/external frame of reference model for self- and peer ratings of achievement. Learning and Instruction. Link

Höner, O., Leyhr, D., & Kelava, A. (2017). The influence of speed abilities and technical skills in early adolescence on adult success in soccer: A long-term prospective analysis using SEM approaches. PLOS ONE 12(8): e0182211. Link

Merk, S., Schneider, J., Bohl, T., Kelava, A., & Syring, M. (2017). Epistemologische Überzeugungen von Lehramtsstudierenden bezüglich pädagogischen Wissens: Gegenstands-, Quellen- und Kontextspezifität. Journal for Educational Research Online, 9(1), 169-189. Link

Grissmann, S., Zander, T. O., Faller, J., Brönstrup, J., Kelava, A., Gramann, K., & Gerjets, P. (2017). Affective aspects of perceived loss of control and potential implications for brain-computer interfaces. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 11:370. Link

Mayer, A., Umbach, N., Flunger, B., & Kelava, A. (2017). Detailed effect analysis using non-linear structural equation mixture modeling. Structural Equation Modeling, 24, 556-570. Link

Kelava, A., Kohler, M., Krzyzak, A., & Schaffland, T. (2017). Nonparametric estimation of a latent variable model. Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 154, 112-134. Link

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