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new papers…

Merk, S., Rosman, T., Muis, K., Kelava, A., & Bohl, T. (in press). Topic specific epistemic beliefs: Extending the theory of integrated domains in personal epistemology. Learning and Instruction.

Hennings, A., Heil, J., Wagner, A., Rath, M., Moosbrugger, H., Kelava, A., Golotta, M., Hug, S., Riedel, F., Rauch, G., & Feisst, M. (2018). Development and psychometric validation of a shorter version of the Breast Cancer Treatment Outcome Scale (BCTOS-12). The Breast, 38, 58-65. Link

Koch, T., Kelava, A., & Eid, M. (2018). Analyzing Different Types of Moderated Method Effects in Confirmatory Factor Models for Structurally Different Methods. Structural Equation Modeling, 25, 179-200. Link

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