Augustin Kelava is Full Professor of Education Sciences at the Methods Center of the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.

In his research, he focuses on:

  • quantitative research methods (nonlinear latent variable modelling, incl. semi- and non-parametric methods)
  • competence modelling
  • coherence of psychophysiological signals and emotion regulation

Research interests

  • latent variable models (in general)
    • nonlinear SEM and IRT models
    • estimation methods of nonlinear effects
    • semi- and non-parametric latent variable models
    • latent mixture models
    • nonlinear multilevel models
  • competence diagnosis / competency modelling
    • intercultural competencies
    • mathematical competencies of math teachers (incl. content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge)
  • emotion regulation
    • coherence of psychophysiological measures of emotion regulation
    • intra- und interindividual differences in emotion regulation

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